20 Nov

5 Common Web Design Mistakes

1. No search box
Users come to your website in search of information or products. If the things they’re looking for aren’t on your homepage, and the user can’t find it within 3 clicks, you’ll lose a potential customer and wish you had put in a search box.
It’s imperative that your web designer include a search box on every page so users can always find their way around and go directly to the content they want to see

2.Bad Navigation
Navigation within a website should be seamless. Users should be able to find their way around easily. While there is no standard for navigation within a website, especially now as more new web development technologies emerge, it is imperative to understand that navigation must be intuitive and consistent.

3.Complicated Registration Forms.
Registration forms are tricky. How much information do you require from the user? Gone are the days where a user had to enter a zillion details to register to your website. Some websites make most registration fields mandatory and validate the fields to the extent where the user is frustrated after a few tries. Remember, users visit a website to acquire information. Not the other way round

4.Images Have No ALT Text
Search engines do not “read” images. They scan primarily for text. Fortunately with the ALT tag, you can associate text with an image. ALT text does not have as much influence on the page keywords as actual text on the page, but is still worth having.

5.Forgetting social media
A good web designer will include highly visible links to your social media accounts on every page of your website. This is the only way your business can hope to successfully use social media for marketing.